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ACADEMY OF LIGHT - The Army of Light, Peace and Love


The Academy of Light is an education institution, Interdimensional, multimillenary based on the principles of unconditional love, cosmoethics, universality and evolution. Its creation is part of the evolution of higher plane of consciousness and its immediate implementation on planet earth is the purpose of life for many brothers lightworkers. The great masters, kings, philosophers and world leaders obtained their knowledge by attending this Academy of Light, along with its multiple stocks in both periods manifests as human beings living in all the major energy centers along the body of light the planet. Places where they have built the pyramids and temples initiation of all civilizations, are part of a rolling plan of teachings and enlightenment, and to restore the natural order of prosperity and abundance, love and universal cosmoethics. Responsible for the Masters Academy of Light, stimulate self-research, self-healing, self-taught and started promoting in their discoveries of consciousness through pure self-knowledge, which is the great master key. The Academy of Light is an institution that facilitates the vision of interior consciousness, free of labels and dogmas, without worrying about diplomas, bureaucracies and recognitions. Its mission is to facilitate the process of integral formation of human consciousness, so that they can continue their evolution here on planet earth. For this to occur theories are best experienced in the research lab, our human body, the only true learning, provided that for the moment. 

The Army of Light, Peace and Love!

There is a universal condition that still prevails with what remains of the old energies, what we know as war. At all levels of manifested existence of the universe, we see this imbalance. 
The internal war of ego consciousness waged against our higher divine essence is the central theme of most religions and philosophical studies throughout the ages. This epic battle between good and evil, is the true duel energy and consciousness that occurs in our lives. This is the main cause of wars, an energy imbalance that begins in humans, and extends the effects they have caused in nature. 

The transition of duality to unity, is carried through to a state of integration and harmony, we need to gather the forces working for the development and implement the necessary changes. 
We call upon the Light Warriors to awake, enlightened by knowledge of the greatMessengers of Peace and the Magicians of Love. This army battalions form of peace, the units where unconditional love is the vibration that creates the unifying transformation and energy healing, promoting the opening portal of true wisdom, based on the training of citizens of the future. 
We must end the corruption of our own mind that creates justifications to support legacy systems and outdated. We must learn the lessons of the past and turn what was war, hatred and intolerance in Light, Peace and Love. 

We must seize every teaching and technological developments created by the old energy. The war despite all the tragic consequences, it also brought the seed of development of many technologies. The transmutation of knowledge and application in the reconstruction of world society is the great task that we carry Transmuting Sword will perform. 

As members of this army of light, we act in a conscientious renovation campaign, promoting the spiritual purification and full development of consciousness in all its attributes and manifestations. 

We are at that time to pacify, to raise the banner of peace and disarming humanity. The money is invested in the ancient art of war must be reverted to the development of the art of love. 

We can even convert this energy into new developments with old self-sustaining technologies, education and healing universal structures of mutual aid among all mankind, where the culture of peace will reign. 

We should promote disarmament and mass transmute all the money from this morbid and illogical trade, making huge investiments ond health and education.

This capital can be reversed in so many ways that will truly reflect the total restructuring of society, composed of a planetary consciousness of love. 
The time came when the army of Light to take over the energies of duality and implement all the changes that are needed. 
We're here to end the cycle of wars. We're here to create a universal constant of Light, Peace and Love. 

The Jerusalem Educational Council

The Jerusalem Educational Council  is the name given to the group consciousness of those working in this evolutionary treatise of education of human beings. In our physical plane, this command is led by human brothers of Orion, coordinated by the Order of Melchizedek in conjunction with the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. 

The commanders of the mission, are highly evolved beings who are on the higher planes and plan, guide, advise, heal and educate all members of the group, according to their developmental level and assignments. 

This school board is a conscious union between humans epicenters of the energy and consciousness, and the extra physical beings these spheres evolutionary higher. Working together, with lucidity and insight, all are focused on fulfilling the mission of love convey the full knowledge and spread the galactic culture, a true instrument of Light, Peace and Love. 

This Council is directly connected to the command of Jerusalem, the tactical arm of the High Command of Orion who works directly with Michael and Jophiel to win the angelic realms and kingdoms fallen soldiers on the planets. 

The Starlight Commander SORHO, is one of those responsible for appraising monadic group of souls who perform service to the Tenth Ray Golden Sun, which represents the victory of Christ on the physical plane and its polarity is the gold of our Threefold Flame. The manifestation of this hierarchy is through the Sacred Fire of MIZ TLI TLAN and all Master Crystals that are activating the Office of the Christ. Servers that have been through the crystalline alignment channels and are aware of the hierarchies of the tenth Ray, express love and wisdom of the second ray,  Golden ray, and can express their intelligence in the frequency of any radius. This occurs through contact with the internal Instructor, THE CHRIST, manifest in purity crystalline demonstration of the vehicle of consciousness. 

Organization of this "Institution" 

For the Universal Law of Love, organizer of the universe and life is properly represented, the School is organized from a new concept of hierarchy and discipline, represented by its units, which follow the guidelines for the new evolutionary cycle. 

For the educational system of the Academy of Light made manifest in the physical plane, it needs to be led by humans superconscious, connected with the true essence of this mission. 

Previously various energy centers were chosen on the planet for intercooperativas units are created. There are some peculiar characteristics that facilitate the creation of projects and location of the other "cells" of cosmic knowledge. At the same time as new facilities are being activated in the ethereal planes, is the creation of a physical basis for the units, so that the multidimensional learning practices more efficient. 

A set of guidelines governing the organization and tasks of teaching units, adding the levels of interaction and experience of all participants in the institution. These functions are intended to allow opportunities to be expressed in a new way of teaching, which is also a system, is a living expression of planetary consciousness. 

The academy brings to light the healing forces of consciousness and education, essential tasks to support the various projects and ecological communities, condos, self-sustaining. 

Units of the Academy of Light 

The Academy of Light to fulfill your evolutionary purpose is deployed on the physical plane through various units luz.No style of self-sustainable community, the teaching units are governed by the principles of universalism and cosmoethics, a lucid and fraternal union between brothers aware of their evolutionary purposes. 

These cells will cure the knowledge and the training of citizens, the place of healing and transmutation of energy, and will reconstruct society according to the new frequencies of light energy higher. 

Unconditional love is the law which governs all the major work of the Academy of Light, and education is the force that the planet earth to be regenerated and society ruled by harmony and happiness with consciousness and bliss, Sat Chit Ananda. 

The units are organized as "Battalions of Peace", and divides its work into three main groups with larger subdivisions. 

Administrative Activities 

This mission of managing the transition of power to new levels of interaction is the responsibility of the Warriors of the Light With his strength and courage, face barriers to ensure all conditions and physical energy for the creation, deployment, development, sustainability and expansion units. 
            By day, keeps all the energy and structural logistics necessary for us to live the present, blessed by the harmony, building society every day of the new era. 

Educational Activities 

The main key to true transformation of humanity is education. We understand that education is a continuous process while we are in the garment of human being, with special emphasis on the first two decades of life, and then as a continuous improvement. 
The Great Masters, Messengers of Peace, are largely responsible for receiving and transmission of knowledge, and pedagogical structure is completely focused on comprehensive development of human personality. 

Healing and Enhancement Activities 

The missions of healing and enlightenment are the main tool to transmute all the problems, illness, feelings, dense and energy constraints that capture people's hearts. 
This task will be fulfilled by the equilibrium Magicians of Love.Aware of the rolling plan, and skillful with the more subtle energies, these healers, trainers of the new energies are the strength of love and healing, the key to evolutionary permission that we humans have to learn. 


            In all units of the Academy of Light, the warriors of light will manage the activities of the unit through the administrative center, which is divided into sections, and its guidelines are a general guideline for the consistent and harmonious functioning of all activities of the Academy. The administrative center covers all sections of the Unit, being responsible for charges relating to the coordination and control of administrative activities related to personnel, logistics, education, housing, services and surveillance.

1st Section - Staff: responsible for charges relating to the coordination and control of activities related to personnel, protocols, and internal correspondence, trade, services and contributions, and reception synchronization human activities. 

2nd Section - Teaching and research: responsible for activities related to 
Instruction, education and treatment, coordinating all educational activities and improvement of the unit, as well as providing the conditions for the development of research. 

3rd Section - Logistics: responsible for perfect compliance with all guidelines and regulations relating to self-sustainability of the unit and general management of material resources, facilities and improvements. 

4th Section - Service: Responsible for direction, coordination, guidance and supervision of internal and external services unit. 

5th Section - Communications: responsible for advising on matters pertaining to the activities of social communication, dissemination, coordination of internal and external activities. 

6th Section - Supervision: responsible for observing and maintaining the integrity and morale of unit members, facilities, housing and energy field. 

Section 7 th - Administrative Director: responsible for the administrative sections of the Unit, the charges relating to the coordination and control of administrative activities related to personnel, logistics, education, housing, services and surveillance.Production of documentation and other activities of the Secretariat.


            In all units of the Academy of Light, there will be an educational center where activities will take place, teaching and pedagogical, artistic and other tasks performed by children indigo and crystal. 

The old educational system that is based on the ranking, will be replaced with educational courses aimed at enhancing the integration of consciences and the full development of human beings, facilitating the harmonization with the energies cream consciousness, characterized by strength traits, virtues that children carry for the fulfillment of his cosmic purpose. 
The educational courses are a smart solution for the complete harmonization in the education of human beings. Given all the regulatory requirements for the training of citizens in kindergarten, elementary and middle schools is a thoughtful way to ease the process of human evolution, contributing directly to improvements in the social, political, educational, and ecological consciousness. 
Briefly the educational cycles will be structured seven in number and are basically divided as follows: 

1st Cycle - Nurturing the root of the tree of life 

The first cycle comprises the educational teaching system applicable to the newborns until they reach the age of three years.At this time fully responsible for education are parents who are imbibed with the full education to six years. In this first phase, the emphasis of the teachings are affective activities. The love, affection and expressions of feelings and maternity care are essential to nourish the essence of light and love of small crystals beings. 
Play activities and kinesthetic are very important for cognitive development begins early in life. 

2nd Cycle - Stepping up the challenge of being human 

At this stage the children aged 3 to 7 years to gain complete freedom to interact with its essence. Free of taxes and mandatory tasks, the children will be included in a comprehensive way in the educational process by participating through play and games, all activities undertaken by the academy. The free movement and interaction and allow the child to identify the facilitators the key skills and strengths, optimizing the development of the child always seeking compliance with the existential program, facilitating the development of personal code cosmoethics, the principles of universalism and exemplarism. 
Interactions with basic language, mathematical thinking and activities of artistic expression. 

3rd cycle - Building the personality cosmoethics 
The third cycle of education is the main key to change. Participate in this stage the children who have 70 to 10 years, which preferably will reside in the unit, sharing duties and responsibilities with others. 
The objective of this phase of instruction is crucial for the complete harmonization of the human being that is enabling education. The ego consciousness, individual is being formed, this is carrying the cycle of alignment with the actual laws that govern the universe. In this cycle where curiosity is mixed with endless discoveries children make up human personality based on high knowledge about the relative truths of the tip. This cycle forge the character of the masters of light that are thus freed from all constraints and restrictions, able to understand all the cruel acts of violence occurring and imbalance of the past. 
This phase is the main anchor for the values learned in the course intermissive with true integration of all vehicles of expression, strengthening the personal code cosmoethics. 
Objects of study: The study of linguistics, reading and writing in various languages, mathematical thinking, time of peace, conscientiology, natural science, sacred geometry and principles of quantum physics. 

4th Cycle - Awakening of Compassion 

In this cycle, pre-teens 10 to 13 years already aware of the principles of universalism and cosmoethics undertake studies aimed at expanding knowledge about the history of humanity by addressing the social, religious, anthropological, political, ecological forming the current society. 
 The objective of this phase is the expansion of the energies of the heart center, responsible for the irradiation of love and compassion of the small masters. The ego consciousness, already endowed with comprehensive figures, will be able to discern the facts of history, their motives and their consequences, always aiming to pacifist vision and optimistic about the history of man, understanding the natural dynamics of evolution. Individual consciousness is transmuted into the collective consciousness, and will be harmonized with the laws governing the universe. 
This cycle reinforces the character of love and lucidity of minor masters of light that are thus freed from all constraints and restrictions, able to transmute all the cruel acts of violence occurring and imbalance of the past. 
The closure of this phase characterizes the completion of primary education. 
Objects of study: The improvement of communication and linguistics, reading and writing in multiple languages, facilitating the choice of the students attending the first phase of exchange with other units of the Academy of Light The deepening of mathematical thinking. The study focused calendar of peace and the consciousness. The study of history and philosophy. The deepening of artistic activities. 

5th Cycle - Improving communication 

In the final phase of conventional training, the teen will be aware of any situation that involves life and the planet, and may consciously choose your own path to service its presence is activated in the fullness of light, peace and love. The end of the fifth cycle indicates the completion of high school stage, and gives young people the training and professional certification necessary to begin the cycle of higher education offered by institutions of traditional education.This cycle facilitates the process of free will, which allows singles over the continuation of life in community or integration into the society from outside the Academy. 
Objects of study: The improvement of communication and linguistics, reading and writing in multiple languages, facilitating the choice of the students attending the second phase of exchange with other units of the Academy of Light The deepening of mathematical thinking. Initiation of studies and hermetic philosophies ocultas.Aprofundamento in history, philosophy, sociology, politics and anthropology. 

Cycle 6 - Preparing for the vision 

Young people 16 to 18 years are included in teaching, as leaders and mentors, examples for the younger cycles, continuing its improvement with their free time to experience the diverse learning system within the academy of light. Time to exercise all of the knowledge obtained in previous cycles, and enhance the gifts and talents. 
Objects of study: Initiations in the doctrines advanced leadership principles and therapeutic techniques. Participate in the construction of grid education. 

Cycle 7 - Anchoring Energy Leadership 
In this cycle, there is the formation of true leaders and instructors was consciousness. Including young people 18-21 years of inconclusive previous cycles is the formation of the masters of knowledge, they chose a position in the Council of the Academy of Light These young people are the key positions of immediate aides, who will occupy future. 
Objects of study: Improvement in the doctrines advanced spiritual experiences more complex stages of expanding consciousness.Participation in leadership courses consciousness, therapies and training for capacity to be filled. Are responsible for the construction of their own grade schools. 


            The Academy of Light is also a great cultural and artistic center. Whereas the law that time is art, the units offer a high school where art activities will be developed in its various forms, among others: 


            For the task of healing and enlightenment offered by the Academy of the light units is done successfully, it is necessary to promote healing and improvement of parents, management teams, volunteers and residents of the unit, always serving those in need of charitable aid spiritual and energetic. 

The center will offer several Holistic therapies, including: 

- Emergency 
- Apometry 
- Conscientiotherapy 
- Ayruveda 

For the project's educational consciousness was to be deployed successfully, it is necessary for volunteers, facilitators, parents and teachers are always in constant improvement, to allow the elevation of the collective vibration, the possibility of accessing in-vehicle demonstration of the manifestation crystal. 


            The units of the Academy of Light intercooperatvas function as communities based on self-sustainability and independence of the systems that operate predominantly in the old energy. 
            The light units will vary in size and constitution, but are basically structured to accommodate 200 students participating in the educational cycles and up to 100 residents, volunteers, facilitators and instructors. In the units there will be spaces to house them supported by therapies and for any occasions that need support. 


            Lots of land for housing will be 375 m2, and preferably be filled by Council members, founders and early members of the unit.The plots represent the energies of the twenty tribes of solar stamps, and aid in the learning experience and the synchronization of the natural frequency of the human being. 

The Centers 

            The centers and other facilities circular represent the energies of galactic tones of creation, a total of 13 centers and 28 other prominent lower forming sync the calendar of 13 moons and 28 days. 
            The cosmic center representing the heart of the unit is the largest area with a radius of 30 meters and an approximate area of 2826 m2. 
            The centers of the entrance, educational, administrative and holistic has a radius of 20 meters and an approximate area of 1256m2. 
            The centers of education, housing, dormitories, dining halls are buildings with circular radius of 10 meters and an approximate area of 314 m2. 
            The halls of the administrative sessions, the cycles of education, chambers of initiation and the square of the seven chakras are 5-meter radius and approximately 75m2 in size. 


            There will be growing areas that will meet all the needs of fruit and vegetables, including the possibility of generating exchange among the units, which specialize in different cultures.The techniques of permaculture is the base of the food system and the unit will be the subject of constant study and improvement. 
            The approximate area of orchards is 30,000 m2, the area of the gardens of 7200m2 and medicinal herbs. 


            Improvements are buildings of 100 m2 and are constructions of community use for the purpose of facilitating the exchange's internal and external drive. 
The units of the Academy of the light will normally be provided with:
- Bakery 
- Community Warehouse 
- Local exchange services, arts and other productions of the unit. 
- Local materials recycling 


            For the abstraction of water will be used several techniques are primarily spring water and groundwater, and with sources or wells, storage of rainwater and other sources of water purified by natural aerobic and anaerobic systems to date. 


            The energy harvesting system aims at maintaining the bioenergetic balance and will be maintained through technologies autosutentáveis. 
Be used primarily solar panels, wind turbines, mini-hydroelectric generators, and biofuels. 


            The activities of the Academy of Light can generate resources and will be governed by a mutual agreement based on a social economy projects and self-sustainability, where everyone has the same housing, food, entertainment, education, health and other benefits of the Academy. The trading system is generally specified in the following terms, and more specifically in the internal guidelines of the unit. 

Together we can change the world! 


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