quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011


The constant evolution of humans is leading the planet as a whole to a new state of consciousness, the frequency that is being anchored by a new race now inhabiting this plan. The beings of light, known as Crystal children are carriers of the DNA of the new civilization, where universal peace will reign, brotherly love, happiness and abundance, balancing our planet, consciously contributing to its evolution.
Crystal Consciousness is the next evolution of mankind, the realization of the divine plan in perfect harmony, where human beings understand his part on the collective consciousness of this planet, and love is the foundation of all the relationships and experiences. In these times of transition, humans perceptions change to much, and many people can experience different physical, emotional and psychological states, and be able to access information coming from higher dimensions. This produces some changes in the genetic code, an ocurs the activation of to the Crystalline vehicle for consciousness manifestation.
This Crystal state of being, is the awakening of programed crystals of light, located in our superior bodies, the abode of the scraded flame in our heart chakra and the real key to the expansion located in the pineal gland. The purification process is essential to our individual evolution, so that they become active crystals and work together on planet earth, running further and rise of the planetary system that we live. This is one of our missions as human beings, consciously collaborate in the evolution of the universe, toward perfection of the creator of universes Paradise.

Crystal Consciousness is the activation of our crystal body, a special vehicle of manifestation, the Christ who lives in our heart, that unites us to the supreme consciousness of the Father-Mother Creator. This experience is the best source of love in human live, a full consciousness of the SELF, is the complete manifestation of the supreme consciousness, here and now.
Aware of this transformation we indigo warriors, violet and other brothers took responsibility for anchoring definitely the crystal net for do our part, on the ascension process that will occur on the planet. For this, we take our jobs and our skills according with our hearts, hethe service. This current work aims at achieving the mission for enlightenment, so that through spiritual development and knowledge we can access information and energies of high vibrational level, with total freedom of expression, always acting with love for others and understanding different points of view. The crystalline harmony and coexistence are the result of actions based on universal love, and finds in cosmoethics assistance to all that needs.

Crystal Consciousness is the definitive awakening of the inner CHRISTt, is true happiness, bliss, is experiencing the fullness of the crystal love, real and uncondicional.
Crystal Consciousness is unity, love, brotherhood, happiness and service, where we are all one and the one is inside us.


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